Adjustable Corner Brush

Adjustable Corner Brush

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Isn’t it tricky painting weatherboards under the lip and getting into corners when you’re doing a big job ?

Now it’s quick and easy to do it yourself with this new and innovative design ... the adjustable corner paintbrush makes even the most difficult of DIY painting jobs simple to do ... under the lip of weatherboard and chamfer board ... into the grooves of a log cabin ... perfect for deep paneling and of course it will get right into any right angle corner.

With good solid construction ... a comfortable handgrip and a swivel head that can be locked into place to give you complete control in the tight spots ... or ... left to float making it easy to move around and to adjust the angle as you go.

The handle will fit onto the end of a standard piece of 1 inch dowel ... a broomstick or a mop handle ... or the supplied threaded clip can be inserted and locked into place to fit a 20mm roller extension or a threaded broom handle ... so you can easily reach to paint all those hard to get to places ... high walls into the corners ... cornice and ceilings ... lower walls into the corners ... and do it without bending down or climbing step ladders.

Replaceable self adhesive paint pad fit the swivel head. They are made from the same high quality English Dover bristles that we have used in the Easi-Paint kit for well over twenty years and will do a lot of hard work for you.
Once the pads are adhered you leave them on until it’s time to change to a new pad.

Simply rinse with warm water until the water runs clean then leave to dry naturally.

Each handle comes with 2 self adhesive paint pads just peel off the back and stick them on.