Easi Pour Paint Saver Lid

Easi Pour Paint Saver Lid

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The Easy Pour Paint Saver Lids fit all the 4 Litre Cans and most of the taller 6 & 8 Litre paint cans. The pouring spout is purposely set at an an angle which will give you complete pouring control, it stops pouring when you do, great for filling the Easi-Paint tubs, the lid snaps on and off easily - no more wrestling with a screwdriver.

We all know what a mess paint cans can end up in, paint runs down the side and your can may end up glued to the floor or shelf, the rim of the can clogs up and it gets harder and harder to get the lid back on, you end up having to bang it down with a hammer, which buckles the lid, allowing air in, making the paint go off, it also takes ages to get the lid back off the next time you want to use the can.

The Easi Paint Easy Pour Lid fixes all these problems - it works as a high quality paint pouring lid. Easy Pour Lids fit into the inside rim of the can - leaving the rim of the can clean, so you can replace the metal lid easily if you want. Easy Pour Lids provide an airtight seal. The Easy Pour Lid wont buckle or rust (made of flexible and durable non stick plastic). Easy Pour Lids are easy to get on and off when you need to re-mix the paint.

Easi Pour Paint Saver Lids are easy to remove and fully washable, made from flexible non stick plastic - use them over and over again. The Easy Pour Paint Saver Lid has been an extremely popular item in the Easi Paint Range for over 20 years.
Easy Pour Paint Saver Lids are Australian designed, owned and made.

A must for every painter and decorator.
A Perfect Partner for the Easi Paint Home Decorating kit.

Helpful tip:

So I instantly know what colour paint is in the can - I put a dab of paint on the Easi Pour cap. It washes off easily when you want to change cans. Helps me find the colour I want a lot easier.