Rough and Tough Pad

Rough and Tough Pad

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Do you have a lot of rough exterior surfaces to paint?

While the multi purpose paint pads have always done a great job on all surfaces
… of course … the rougher surfaces do wear the painting pads out faster.
Our backyards have become entertaining areas with pergolas … cement rendered retaining walls and painted pathways … there’s more rough stuff to paint than we ever had to do before.

We have developed a new pad to fill the need that this trend has created.

The Rough n’ Tough exterior pad was designed for painting large areas of the rougher stuff and to have a much …much longer life on timber fences … weatherboards … cement render … brickwork … concrete and  so much more.

A super thick heavy duty laminate backing is covered with a 20 mm layer of densely woven polypropylene honeycomb … which is used for its strength and durability as a suspension system.
Then short …heavy duty Dover bristles are fused onto the surface to give you great … even coverage and a fabulous finish on any rough or textured surface.

The Rough n’ Tough pad is extremely long wearing on rough surfaces and you will find it surprisingly easy and efficient to work with.
We found that even on block work and knotty treated pine rafters a light touch with a short wriggled action was all that was needed to get a good job done.

The added bonus is that now you will be mainly using your multi-purpose
pads for smooth … flat surfaces and softer contours and textures … they
are going to have a much longer life before you will ever need to replace

Pop the pad out of the handle and leave it to soak in a bucket of warm water for about 20 minutes. Then rinse it under warm water until the water runs clean and leave to dry naturally.